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I Choose You!

Here’s all the Pikmin I’ve been making and some progress pics. The only ones missing are the yellow and rock pikmin; I’m still working on the design as rocks are hard to crochet! The purples still need the hair and the flying ones still need their wings and I plan on re-making the poison ones as the yarn I used wasn’t thin enough and made them bigger than they’re supposed to be. I plan on making lots of pikmin 🙂

After crocheting pikmin, I told my brother I was going to move on to Pokemon. He suggested I make Lickitung. I went for it and I loved how he turned out! So I took requests for other Pokemon and they’re all going well so far. I love looking at several different pictures and deciding how I want to design it for crochet, but a lot of times I just make it up as I go. Hence having to undo stitches and go back to change something. I redid Lickitung’s whole head after deciding how I wanted to do the mouth, and had to undo sewing on Cyndaquil (ugh, sewing!) once I decided how I wanted to do the flames, but it’s always a learning experience! I also love that each of them is unique because I don’t follow any pattern nor do I write one down as I go, so if I ever make another it might come out differently. Let me know which Pokemon you’d like to see me make!



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