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3 Year Crochet Progress

I’ve been crocheting for 3 years! I was curious to see how much better I’ve gotten at making stuff so I tried a pattern I did about 3 years ago. It was an owl pattern and I named my first one Seamus. He’s on the right.


I didn’t know what safety eyes were back then so I just used buttons. I didn’t understand how best to tie off ends and hide them so I just left them exposed, haha.


And I didn’t understand hook size with type of yarn so I had holes between stitches instead of tight stitches where the stuffing can’t show through. I also hadn’t learned how to start a project with the magic ring yet, so there’s a hole in the top of his head! The magic ring allows you to pull the yarn tight so there’s no hole where you start.

My stitches are a lot neater now and I have a better understanding of how you’re supposed to put different parts together. I think my new Seamus is cute, but I’ll always love my first one!

Pixlr_20141226194929830 (1)


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