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Crochet Apps

I take a lot of notes while I crochet, but they’re not always in order or complete. A lot of times I am just making hash marks for the numbers of rows and stitch counts. I’d love to be able to take notes on my phone! I came across one, but I’m sure there’s better ones.


The one I found is a knitting/crochet app on the google play store that has a lot of potential, but it’s lacking in simplicity and “beauty.” It has awesome features like a ruler, STITCH CALCULATOR, abbreviations, row counter, and a project log. But it also has useless things like a game and knitting features that I’ll never use. It’s called Knitting Buddy in case anyone’s interested.

Let me explain some of the awesome things about this app. The stitch calculator! It will tell you where to increase/decrease evenly when going from one stitch count to another. This works well for round shapes and anything you’re making symmetrical. THIS IS REALLY COOL!

The row counter is the next big thing. If I don’t have time to write the pattern down, I can at least count my rows and note it in the project notes. It’s also handy when following a pattern and watching tv, I just tap my phone every row and I don’t have to keep re-counting and remembering where I am. You can also turn on the timer from here, but it makes me a little anxious so I don’t use it.

The biggest disappointment here are the project pages. You can title your project, note what materials you used, gauge, and completion dates. You can type notes one line at a time (max 3 lines), but it’s missing a big blank page for making patterns. It’s more for your personal notes while following a pattern.

So what’s your favorite way to take pattern notes? Do you have a favorite app that you use? Let me know!


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